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WA ACI Chapter Meeting - November 10, 2021, PERI's 3D Construction Printing Technology - An Overview of PERI's projects.

Last year we heard from Dr. Fabian Meyer-Brötz on the emerging technology of 3D Construction Printing. Joining us this year to update on their progress, we are pleased to welcome Roberto Montemayor, PERI. 

It is an exciting time to be in the concrete industry! 3D printing construction is a reality! In the last years, many 3D printing projects have emerged around the world. PERI, one of the global leaders for concrete formwork and industrial scaffolding, has taken a big step into the future. The company has now printed three fully permitted and functional residential projects.
This session will provide:

  • An introduction to PERI’s holistic approach towards 3D construction printing.
  • Overview of PERI’s projects and other 3D printed projects around the world. 
  • Additionally, the session will present the benefits, challenges, and future of concrete 3D printing in different construction sections.  

WA ACI Chapter Meeting - October 20, 2021, Ash Grove Tour and Presentation by Greg McKinnon, Stoneway
Location: Ash Grove Cement Plant | 3801 E. Marginal Way South | Seattle, WA 98134
Dinner following the tour at Jack's BBQ | 3924 Airport Way South | Seattle, WA 98108

 WA ACI Chapter Meeting ~ Climate, Carbon and Concrete presentation on Portland-Limestone Cements ~ Wednesday, June 2, 2021  

View Jamie Farny's presentation on portland-limestone cement HERE

A Climate, Carbon, and Concrete presentation on Portland-Limestone Cements. This presentation explains what portland-limestone cements (PLC) are and how can they help lead to more sustainable construction. Going beyond PLC's history and uses to new innovations and performance. A significant aspect of PLC is that it lowers concrete carbon emissions by about 10% over more traditional portland cement. 

Presented by Jamie Farny of the Portland Cement Association. As director, building marketing for the Portland Cement Association, Jamie Farny promotes the use of cement-based materials for various applications by focusing on sustainability, resilience, energy efficiency, durability, and other key benefits. He assisted with the development of PCA’s new campaign to raise awareness of portland-limestone cements (PLCs) for improved sustainability of concrete construction. He is a member of the American Concrete Institute, the American Society for Testing and Materials, and The Masonry Society. He holds a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. 

WA ACI Chapter Meeting ~ Climate Pledge Arena ~ Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Presented by Mortenson's Tom Aura, Project Executive, Chris Petersen, Senior Superintendent, Mike Solfelt, Project Engineer, and Jesse Erickson, Quality Engineer 

" We started our concrete journey with Y-Columns to connect new foundations to the existing historic roof 80’ above. Since then we have placed 250 footings, tied in chevrons, placed sixty-foot tall shotcrete walls around the entire perimeter, completed the south buttress - the most complex reinforcement and placement on the entire project, and placed slab-on-metal-deck and slab-on-grade placements following the steel erection. "

WA ACI Chapter Meeting ~ Lower Carbon Concrete ~ April 21, 2021

dave_Walsh "Lower Carbon Concrete: Market Drivers and Best Practices"
  Presented by Dave Walsh, AIA, LEED BD+C
  Director of Sustainability, Sellen Construction  

  To view Dave's presentation recording click: HERE
View Dave's presentation in PDF format, click: HERE



WA ACI Chapter Meeting: Ship Canal Water Quality Project ~ Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thank you to  Ms. Eleanor A. Jackson, P.E. Ship Canal Water Quality Project Design Manager, Seattle Public Utilities for her very informative presentation on this enormous project SPU and King County have partnered on. 

Her presentation is available to view HERE.


Seattle Public Utilities and King County Wastewater Treatment Division in partnership are jointly building an underground storage tunnel. The Ship Canal Water Quality Project includes a 2.7-mile, 18-ft, and 10-in internal-diameter tunnel that will extend from Ballard to Wallingford.  Along the tunnel path, five vertical shafts will be built (in Ballard, East Ballard, Fremont, Queen Anne, and Wallingford) to convey flows from existing neighborhood systems to the storage tunnel. Construction began in 2018 and will continue through 2025.

WA ACI Chapter Meeting Presentation on February 10, 2021

Innovations in Concrete Paving by Somero

If you missed it, view a sample of the topic HERE. 


WA ACI Chapter Meeting November 11, 2020



Thank you to Dr. Fabian Meyer-Brötz, Head of 3D Construction Printing & PERI GmbH in Germany – one of the largest manufacturers of formwork and scaffolding solutions in the world. We enjoyed his very informative presentation on 3D Construction Printing. 

Update Regarding ACI Certification and Events:  

We continue to work within the Governor’s Guidelines for health and safety. In coordination with our examiners and testing locations, we are moving towards meeting certification needs. Where necessary, we created new processes, found new venues, and approaches to certification sessions. It is our goal to return to the online listing of certification schedule and registration. You will find when you register online you will need to select a testing time for both written and performance exams. 

As we recognize everyone must do their part, please be prepared to demonstrate your good health (no colds, fever, and symptom-free) to be part of any exam/performance session. Bring your own PPE, eye-wear, masks, and gloves. We will have limited supplies. Best advise……. if you are not feeling well, please stay home, get better, and will catch you once you are symptom-free.
 Everyone is required to provide a health statement along with a proper valid ID for each exam.

Update on ACI Certification Process Revisions 

Certification process changes to accommodate health and safety guidelines. Changes include: 

  • Online Virtual Review session. We are working to complete recorded on-demand review videos.
  • ACI has online modules we may consider for Field, AA, and Strength
  • Written exams will be offered separately from review, as necessary.
  • Written exam sessions; in smaller groups / multiple sessions. 

Performance testing options vary from limited small groups with strict scheduling. Contemplating Remote Performance Review. 
Revise Performance format:

  • Examinee does all testing at a single station with a single Examiner
  • One Examiner per station
  • Lab for their Examinee(s) brings their own equipment including scales. Will have some community equipment available.
  • The goal/need is to reduce interactions & improve to a more consistent process with examinees responsible for their equipment.
  • No gathering in the testing area or waiting area. Will schedule small groups in shifts. 

Finding a suitable place for written testing with sufficient distancing the challenge. Your (affordable) suggestions are welcome. 
Redmond Comm. Ctr. out until they reach Phase 4 otherwise, they are not a viable option currently.
Same with performance exams, large enough location for small group distancing the challenge. 
Remote review via face time is an option that has been discussed and is considered.

Rescheduled sessions are now completed. Additional session schedule to be announced soon. We will do our best to accommodate the needs but please recognize certification on demand is not something we can do. Sincere appreciation for your continued understanding, cooperation, and patience. 
Please continue to monitor for updates.

ACI also offers online training for the following to support your efforts:

Prepare for your upcoming certification test online with the following: 

Concrete Field Testing Grade I Certification Training (6 Courses)
Concrete Strength Testing Technician Certification Training
Adhesive Anchor Installer Certification Training  

Monthly dinner/chapter meetings are scheduled from October through May on the second Wednesday of each month. Topics include live project tours, reports on technical concrete construction applications, and products and concrete construction methods.  

2020-21 WA ACI Event Planning Schedule.

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Events will be posted in the Event Calendar as they become available.  Dates and locations may vary depending on the venue or tour availability.  If you have suggestions on a possible concrete construction-related topic, please contact the Association office at (206) 878-1622.

Other WA ACI Chapter events include a joint meeting with the Structural Engineers Association of Washington (SEAW) in February and the Annual ACI Washington Chapter Golf Tournament (typically held in June).  Tournament sponsors include The American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE).