2022 Summer Meeting

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2023 Summer Meeting

July 14 - 16, 2023 Group Block Starts July 13th 

If you attended the 2022 Summer Meeting, stayed at Campbell's Resort, & plan to attend 2023 Summer Meeting Don't forget to rebook your room for 2023. Deadline to submit rebooking form to Campbell's Resort ([email protected]) is 30 days AFTER your 2022 departure.

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WA ACI & WACA 2nd Annual Clay Shoot

     Date:  Wednesday May 4, 2022
     Location: Seattle Skeet & Trap | Ravensdale, WA

 Concrete Strike Update

Additional Information and documents may be found HERE

 This is Concrete

Produced by the  Global Cement and Concrete Association, without a spoken word… 2 minutes 30 seconds video presents the story of concrete in our world and everyday lives. Concrete is more than a material. It’s about life and building our past, the present and towards a sustainable future. To learn more about the commitment of the the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) to produce carbon neutral concrete by 2050, please visit their website;  GCCA.org      


              Click image to view video 

 A Warm WACA Welcome to our New Members!   

AssuredPartners Trux                       
   Bryce Bacic;
   [email protected]
   Nick Moussab;
   [email protected]
Austin Powder Lithos Carbon, Inc
   Tom Campbell;
   [email protected] 
 Mary Yap;
 [email protected]
Sierra Construction  UNDO
  Danyelle Harp
  [email protected]
   Casey McFarlane;
[email protected]
Coulee Dam Concrete   Earthworks Company, Inc.
  Jesse Tillman;
  [email protected]

  Megan Hoyt
  [email protected]


2022 Update Regarding ACI Certification and Events:  

We continue to work within the Governor’s Guidelines for health and safety. Each venue's health and safety protocol will be honored. Please read and follow instructions for each session as health and safety requirements may change. Reminder emails will be your best source of current requirements. In coordination with our examiners and testing locations we are moving towards meeting certification needs. Where necessary, we created new processes, found new venues, and approaches to certification sessions. 

Access ACI Certification Schedule and Registration here. 

As we recognize everyone must do their part, please be prepared to demonstrate your good health (no colds, fever, and symptom free) to be part of any exam/performance session. Best advise if you are not feeling well, please stay home, get better and will catch you once you are symptom free.
 Everyone is required to provide proper valid ID for each exam.

ACI Certification Process Changes.

Written testing 

  • Online Virtual Review session. We are working to complete recorded on-demand review videos.
  • Testing time selection may be required during registration for written exams. 
  • ACI has online modules we may consider for Field, AA and Strength
  • Written exams will be offered separately from review, as necessary.
  • Written exam sessions maybe in small groups over multiple sessions. 

Performance testing 

  • Testing time selection may be required during registration for performance exams
  • Examinee does all testing at a single station with a single Examiner
  • One Examiner per station
  • Lab for their Examinee(s) brings own equipment including scales. Will have some community equipment available.
  • Goal / need is to reduce interactions & improve to a more consistent process with examinees responsible for their equipment.
  • No gathering in testing area or waiting area. Will schedule small groups in shifts.  

We will do our best to accommodate the needs but please recognize certification on demand is not something we can do. Sincere appreciation for your continued understanding, cooperation, and patience. Please continue to monitor for updates.

Additional Resources: WA ACI Chapter events page


MSHA Spring Thaw 
In the planning stages with tentative date early April 2022
A collaborative event bringing together agency, industry, and safety resources to advance and promote good safety practices, reduce incidents, and provide compliance tools. 

2022 Excellence in Concrete
 Call for Entries Closed

  Judges Luncheon to be Scheduled Soon. 
  We appreciate all of you who submitted 2020/2021 entries. They will automatically be carried over to 2022 EIC.

Access 2022 WA ACI certification schedule on ACI Certifications page under Education & Certs tab on the home page navigation ribbon.

Leadership & Committee Information

ACI Chapter News

Our WA ACI season begins in October of each year.  See details on our WA ACI Chapter Page and check the calendar for upcoming events!

In an effort to work more closely with our Student Chapters, and to encourage student attendance at Chapter Meetings, you can now upload available internships during Chapter Dinner registrations!   


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