Workforce Development

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The WACA Workforce Development Committee has invited you to help shape the future through developing our understanding of what today's workforce challenges are.  

Completion of the brief survey will provide us with critical insight to the workforce needs of our industry here in Washington State.  Our purpose is to develop tools and strategies capable of attracting people to the aggregates and concrete industry

The survey consists of 3 Demographic Questions and 1 Question that is a 3-part question (based on the specific needs of the position you need to fill).

For example, if you need to hire drivers, you will be asked:

  • the number of drivers you would like to hire
  • an estimated percentage of your current drivers who are 60+ yrs old
  • your timeline for filling that position

For your time, you will be rewarded with a FREE listing on our Workforce Development webpage.  It would include a link that would take people directly to your website's job postings.  

The discovery and recruitment of talented people in our industry is dependent upon you.  Help us, help you!  Please complete this survey as soon as possible, or forward it to the person in your company who is responsible for your hiring. Thank you for your time


WACA Workforce Development Committee