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WA ACI Chapter Meeting | November 2018
Wednesday, November 14, 2018, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM PDT
Category: WA ACI Chapter Events

WA ACI Chapter Meeting

Topic: Wanapum Dam Reconstruction & UW Student Chapter Introduction

The construction and repair of mass concrete structures is a complex topic.  The repair of an existing and active dam brings the discussion to a whole new level.  On February 27, 2014, a 2-inch (5 cm) wide crack was discovered on the Wanapum Dam on the Columbia River by inspection divers on one of the 65 ft. tall concrete monoliths that make up the 
spillway of the dam.  This could be a problem….. To avoid potential failure mode, it was determined lowering the reservoir 27 ft would provide an acceptable and temporary factor of safety against sliding and rotation failure modes.  At a cost of $61M, steel cabling and rods were used to stitch the dam to the bedrock underneath and it became obvious that installation of post-tensioned anchors would be part of the repair solution.  Repairs of the cracked monolith and the strengthening of the remaining monoliths were made in 2014-2015.

Join us for a unique look at the repair objectives and approaches used by the Project team of specialized experts to repair the dam. In addition to supplying regional hydropower, the direct relationship of this mass concrete structure to insuring public safety, protecting environmental and cultural resources, restoring fish passage, restoring power production come into focus as a structure of regional significance. 

Invited Speakers

Bryan Brumley, P.E.
Stantec Consulting Services
Civil Engineer, Waterpower & Dams

Mr. Brumley has 10 years of experience working on engineering projects involving design and redevelopment of hydroelectric power, dams, and water resources projects. His experience includes static and seismic analysis/design of hydraulic structures such as diversion dams, inlet/outlet works, spillways, and retaining structures based upon US Army Corps of Engineers design standards. His further experience includes the design of reinforced concrete buildings and foundations, penstock thrust blocks, underground vaults, and canals, as well as various steel structures.  Mr. Brumley was the design engineer for repairs and stability improvements to the Wanapum Dam Spillway. His responsibilities included development of a Finite Element Model of the cracked spillway to provide recommendations for an immediate safe water drawdown level. He utilized the model of the cracked monolith to determine the size and quantity of post-tensioned anchors required to raise the pool back to its original level, including a detailed seismic design using non-linear time history analysis.


David Thompson, P.E., P.Eng.
Stantec Consulting Services
Vice President, Principal Civil Engineer, Waterpower & Dams

With over 40 years of experience performing work at dams and hydropower facilities. Since joining Stantec, Mr. Thompson's responsibilities have ranged from civil/structural design and project management and he currently manages Stantec’s western United States Waterpower and Dams civil group. He has designed and/or managed the design of hydroelectric dam projects which have included designs of new dams, intake structures, penstocks, powerhouses, fish protection facilities and associated works, most at new or existing FERC-licensed projects. Mr. Thompson has been involved in all phases of FERC hydroelectric project licensing and is currently recognized as a FERC-approved Independent Consultant for Part 12 inspections. For the Wanapum project he was on site when the cause of the movement was discovered and led exploratory and design efforts and coordinated field construction with Grant County PUD and the contractors.


UW Student Chapter Introduction

For this meeting, anticipate discussing and reviewing the UW ACI Student Chapter.  There will be an intro of student representatives and an overview of what ACI offers.  If all in agreement, a special signing of the charter to establish the UW ACI Student Chapter will take place!

Event Details

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Piatti Ristorante & Bar
2695 NE University Villiage Lane
Seattle, WA 98105

5:15pm     Check-In Opens
5:30pm     Networking Reception
6:15pm     Dinner Buffet
7:00pm     Presentations Begin


Member Rate: $35.00
Non-Member Rate: $45.00
Student Rate: $0 (Must be a full-time student)

Student Sponsorships

Last meeting, a number of company’s stepped up to sponsor our student efforts.  Thank you for your support!  Because of your generous donations, we are able to provide complimentary registrations for our students at the Chapter Dinners.

Student Internship Program

As we encourage students to network with our members, we’d also like to give our members the opportunity to fill company internships. You can now upload a description of your available internships during registration!  

Contact: Nikki Blase | [email protected] | 206.878.1622